PANEL: Financial sustainability in times of crisis: How to prioritize investment in quality projects, technology and expansion of services

Dr. Elsa Juarez

Director of Quality of Médica Sur

She is the first and only Mexican who to date works as Auditor and Executive International Health Consultant for Accreditation Canada. She is also a consultant for UNIZIMA, a Belgian company to develop Bioproduction and Healhcare models. She is recognized nationally and internationally for developing and directing integrative and multidisciplinary hospital quality strategies and increasing productivity at all operational and personnel levels. It has a record in restructuring and reengineering inefficient hospital processes, reducing costs and increasing benefits for hospitals. She is a pioneer as a PMO of Lean Healthcare projects in Mexico and a strategic planner with exceptional skills to improve operational and managerial productivity.

She is currently a teacher and trainer dedicated to combining academic teaching with professional experience using real cases and the application of key indicators. Strong strategist and active in organizations and in the different governments of countries in Latin America and the Middle East with opportunities for continuous improvement and excellence.