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Boosting medical innovation and transformation of hospital management in Latin America.


Acerca del evento Health Biz Summit

TheVirtual HealthBiz Summit Meeting, to be held on February 17 and 18, 2021, arises to provide directors and professionals in the healthcare sector in Latin America with a new space to update and exchange successful experiences around topics of innovation in medical technology and hospital management trends, as keys to transformation, adaptation and investment in the healthcare industry.

This is the meeting point where you as a leader can share your expectations and find, together with experts from the health sector, solutions to the challenges in financial sustainability, technological innovation and leadership in the management of medical services for clinics and hospitals in Latin America .

With more than 70 years connecting brands with healthcare services providers and being the most consulted portal by the industry in Latin America, El Hospital Magazine leads this great virtual meeting aimed at corporate directors and decision-makers of hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers in the region , with the help of Axioma B2B Marketing, the largest technical and B2B media publishing house in Latin America, which has 13 publications for different industries.


Learn about the main trends in technology and management, train with industry experts and discover the success stories of institutions like yours. All in a single exclusive virtual space, designed to solve the concerns of the directors and professionals of institutions healthcare service providers in Latin America. Register today and don't miss out on this unique experience.

Medical technology: engine of evolution of the healthcare industry in Latin America 2021.

What did we learn in 2020? Discover medical device innovation accelerators for critical care.
Telemedicine and digital health at its peak: financial and technical keys to be considered to implement these services in your institution.
How to optimize patient diagnostic and monitoring equipment to lower costs and increase operational efficiency.
Advances in personalized medicines: Trends for the therapeutic development of diseases of high complexity and how to retain their users.

*Agenda subject to change

Resource management in hospital environments: The key pieces to take your institution to another level.

Success Stories: Learn how other institutions in Latin America have adapted their response capacity in record time in the face of a health crisis.
Emotional salary: training, endowment and recognition of your staff as an engine of productivity. How to create ambassadors for your brand.
From project to reality: financing and sustainability strategies for healthcare service providers.
Investment in technology and hospital infrastructure adequacy: Key factors for the success of your institution's positioning.

*Agenda subject to change

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Share with your peers in Latin America your challenges and objectives within your institution. Together we build a unique vision of the healthcare sector in Latin America. As a registered attendee, you can participate in the surveys that Health Biz Summit will carry out, in the months of November and December 2020, know the results in the event broadcast.
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Online participation in and out of the event.

Hospital.com and Catalogodelasalud.com offer online interaction spaces before the event where you can share your opinion.
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Online surveys and results instantly.

Together we build the vision of the industry in Latin America with their participation live during the broadcast.


The Hospital and Catalog of Health Providers are working to bring you the leading panelists in the industry. Expect to know soon the profile of our guest speakers.
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