PANEL: Personalized care: advances in access, research and therapeutic development to treat highly complex and chronic-degenerative diseases

Claudia Maria Sterling Posada

Legal and Corporate Affairs Vice President, Cruz Verde Colombia 

Lawyer from the Universidad del Rosario with a specialization in Insurance and Social Security Law (Universidad de la Sabana), an international postgraduate degree in Creativity and UN Communications (FLACSO Argentina) and a Master's degree in Spanish and Latin American Literature (Universitat de Barcelona).
Currently Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs of Drug Stores and Pharmacies Cruz Verde-FEMSA, Health Division LATAM. Professor at the Javeriana, Rosario and Sabana Universities in Sanitary Medical Law.
First and only woman awarded with the Chambers & Partners Award, highest category Life time Achievement for Furthering Gender Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Law: Latin America for promoting the progress of women in the legal field; and the Great Solidarity Order, awarded by the Fundación Solidaridad por Colombia, for his contribution to the community.

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Universidad del Rosario and of the boards of directors of FENALCO Nacional, the Medical Law Bar Association, the Colombian Association of Customer Experience, and MPODERA-Leading Women in the health sector. Literary Criticism in @Pulzo, as well as in Nova et Vetera, cultural magazine of the Universidad del Rosario.